Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

 We have two small farms, one in N.E. Indiana with the second in S. C. Michigan.
We are family owned and operated, we consider ourselves a breeder, not a hatchery per say. 
Turkeys is all we do.
Kevin has 30 years experience breeding turkeys, specializing in color genetics.

Our turkeys live very humane lives at our farms, during breeding season our groups are all separated for breeding but get to also have outside runs from the barns in each group to enjoy natural things like sun and greens. During the non-breeding season our groups are all broke up and they get to go back out on pasture to enjoy a very natural environment so they get a big reward after producing for us all season.

*** We are booking poult orders for the 2023 shipping season ***

*** Breeder's Choice Poult Orders are now on Sale ***

Place an order that consists only of Chocolate, Painted varieties, Mottled bronze and Stippled black winged bronze 
and they should  ship on our next hatch week of June 5, so place an order now for any one or combination of these and you will get your order very soon. But if you add something else that will delay the order so if you want a quick shipment choose only from these four listed above. 

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